Monday, 20 October 2008

MyEhive is live.

Alpha, Beta whatever. We are live and ready to rock.

We are only available to sellers in the UK & Ireland. Why? Simple the US economic market is in trouble. We want to set up a detailed network of sellers in the UK & Ireland, for a durable future, to build wealth within our communities.

The UK is economically in a crap place right now too. Why? Because of unregulated debt. The "more and more" culture got completely out of hand. Who left it unregulated - the government.

We think it is time to take the future in to your own hands, build wealthier local communities, keeping wealth within those communities, shopping local, supporting farmers markets, using MyEhive to find local shops and suppliers.

Two things we hate more in the whole world here at MyEhive are cars and oil. Remember you are not your car. Don't get me wrong we are lovin' the Gwiz electric cars. But all the rest are going to the junk yard sooner or later. See how the UK government has delt with the financial crisis. This is how they will deal with the oil crisis. Unprepared, and with a complete lack of vision for the future. This is why it is time for us to take the future into our own hands and set up a network of sellers and suppliers exclusively in the UK & Ireland.

Do you know how long it takes the supermarket shelves to clear when and oil crisis hits? 2 days. If we have an excellent network set up on for sellers of all sorts of goods you'll be bale to tap into geolocation facilities and find goods in your area from milk to clothes.

The oil crisis will happen. We want you to be prepared. You can be. Make or supply stuff open a shop on, it is free. and no commission taken. We are the anti-greed statement.

Now is the time.

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